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Unofficial fixes / workaround & after market fixes

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Hi, if anyone has managed to sort any of the issues we are facing either DIY or with aftermarket solutions could they post it here so we can all learn from your experience - thanks
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Given Southeastern’s comment that he has two 104XL (rear) and two 100W (front), I have just double checked mine for peace of mind given that I had previously looked closely at only the front pair (as all four distinctly said “Bridgestone”).

I can confirm that all four of my tyres are the same Bridgestone Alenza 001 (100W) tyre, and my ride is satisfactory, but my dealer also tells me I also have factory fitted upgraded shocks. Having suffered the horrible ride over minor carriageway defects of low profile run-flats on my past Mercedes, I imagine the reinforced 104XL could well be similarly harsh.
Having looked at mine properly now, I fear these tyre sites and their classifications against registration numbers could potentially be at fault.

Two of my tyres are 104xl and two are 100. I cant check the PHEV as its long gone so Ive gone off the registration on these sites which all quote 104 XL’s.

It seems like its had two new tyres at some point in its travels and they have basically just used a tyre service who has classified them like these sites have and fitted them. It does happen when they experience damage in shipping and transfer. I dont know how these classifications are done with the online sites but my car and the previous one are all quoted as having 104 XL’s, never an option for 100.

Sadly it does mean , although my ride will get better on the rear when i put 100’s on which will be welcomed, it won't entirely solve my issues with the comfort and ride. So back to waiting for Koni and their adaptive dampers.

Rules me out of fitting some of those Pirelli All Season Noise Cancelling ones though, cant take an £800 punt on XL’s even though being an all season they ‘may’ be better but they may also be worse!
But 'winter' are also only XL.
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