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UK Tyre information - from Mazda UK website

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Hi all

First post, this may have been covered already but while waiting for my CX60 to be built, i was trawling through the UK website and found this info. I read a post earlier about different tyres and speed ratings but couldn't find it again to add it in there. Mods, please feel free to delete if its old/useless info.

Look forward to adding some useful info when I finally get my car.



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This is useful confirmation. I suggest we maintain this thread rather than it be lost in another broader thread.

I’ve got the Bridgestone Alenza tyres (100W) and (factory fitted) revised shocks and have no complaints about ride (albeit a tad firm). Others with Alenza tyres also seem to be in the satisfied group.

Many reporting ride problems seem to have 104XL tyres and that is what most tyre retailers are listing. I reckon Mazda has possibly worked out that reinforced (XL) tyres offer a poorer ride, which is what I experienced with low profile run flats on my former Mercedes. Recent UK and Danish market cars seem to have the Alenzas.
Just to clear it up, no one has been reporting 104 XL tyres aside from me. Many owners with the Toyos have reported a much better comfort quality over the Bridgestones.

It seems a rogue pair of XL's found their way on to my car at some point during transport. This has now been rectified, and the ride quality has pretty much stayed the same between the 100 and the 104XL. Still poor, its marginally less harsh but nothing remarkable.

So, nothing to worry about overall. I thought I had found the Holy Grail but it was merely a comic book with sand on it.

100's are correct for the CX60. However, I can see folk ending up with the XL's as when people start to get punctures and the tyre stores pop the reg in and the XL comes up as the correct one for the vehicle. Keep an eye out if you do get a puncture or need a replacement skin.

If you do choose to move up to All Seasons, they are are all 104 XL's and I think if you choose correctly, you may actually get more comfort over the rock hard Bridgetstones, however I have decided to invest the money in the Koni suspension when its released over trying a different set of tyres (which would be around £800 for the Pirelli Scorpion All Season with Noise Cancellation) as I know the Koni's will bring a lot to party, the tyres I just don't know.
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Which are 'correct' All Season?
Whichever has a softer compound than the Bridgestones. It's a guessing game until you pay the your if you choose 'correctly'...
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