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Hi all,
I am going to have a test drive for couple of ours next week here in Czech Republic.

CX60 PHEV is on my "short list" for a next car to be ordered soon.

After reading some of experience about CX60 here, I am getting really questioning, is it a good choice?

Could you pls. recommend, what I should focus on? Like top 3 important issues?

  • suspension?
  • strange noise while riding over bumps?
  • battery capacity and real EV range?
  • door noise / vibrations?
  • fuel consumption w/o battery ride?

Are there any Mazda recalls already done for that model?
Some says change of shock absorbers...

Many thanks, Jack

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I don't think you should focus on other people's attitudes and opinions, you should take your test drives open-minded and feel for yourself whether the car is something for you, should there be any issues I can guarantee you that Mazda will follow up to make their customers satisfied.

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If you've read this forum and the problems thread..

Suspension is a primary - its hard, you may not like it but you need a good 1-2 hours to realise how hard it is.

The EV range is well documented, so nothing particularly to worry about, you know its rubbish already.

Fuel consumption - you already know this as its well documented on here

Door Noise - you know about the service bulletin to rectify

With this knowledge, you need to drive it to see if the car is correct for you. The seat position is good for your frame, you are happy with the size of it etc.

Its a nice car. Its not class leading, it has issues. I am selling my PHEV, but I am keeping the car and getting the diesel. There isnt much comparable to it at its price range / quality of cabin etc, so its still a good purchase if you manage the hard ride and the PHEV shortcomings.
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