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Should i shouldn't I ?

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I am shopping for a new company car and the CX60 is on the list I currently have a diesel with 35% BIK so although the overall cost is more 12% BIK works out about half the cost to me in tax.
The worry I have is I get free fuel-I have a company card (I know I pay tax on it) but my company says If I want a PHEV then I will have to buy all the fuel myself and charge them company miles. Listening to people on the forum what happens if the 25p a mile they pay for company miles does not cover the cost of the fuel as I do long motorway miles and will end up running the car with a depleted battery. The company fits trackers in the cars (for insurance) so they they know my rough mileage
Am I not understanding this,???
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Ignoring any benefit you get from the.......

If petrol is £6.30 per gallon, and you divide it by the 25p you receive for fuel, then you need to achieve 25mpg to break even.

From what I've read on the CX60 discussion forum, and depending on how you drive the car, I'd hope 25mpg is achievable.
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