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Official fault/glitch fixes

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If anyone has had any of the issues we are facing fixed by mazda officially could they post it here please - with some evidence and if there is a particular set of vins that it applies to or service bulletin number - I know there are people on the forum just saying oh that's been fixed or the software update has been issued but that means nothing - we need to be able to go to our respective dealers and say look there is a fix for this and your paying and here it is in black and white.
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@Neven check TSB R119/22 but it will depend on the VIN.
I have the same issue (but starting from low speeds) and need to wait for the new TSB to be issued to cover my car
Oh bloody hell I haven't had mine on the motorway yet so not had up 100kph - will try tomorrow - this car is a bit of a disaster - anyone else with mirror issues?
I've had most issues solved, but like buses there's more on the way.
The latest when I close the boot it shuts then re-opens again, press the open/close button it shuts as it should.
I've also had intermittent failure of I-Activsense and Dynamic Stability Control at the same time.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts