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Hello, I have lived in Oregon for 26 years after 5 years in Texas and 42 in the UK. Yeah, I am 73! My next purchase was going to be all electric, but decided a plug-in hybrid is a better fit to replace my Golf GTI. The problem was there were none that met my buying critera, which are, not an SUV, Must have 5 doors, Must have the performance of my GTI, Must be AWD, Must be have a load area over 3 feet long with the rear seats up. The RAV4 plug-in almost meets it. So when I read the specs on the CX-60, I found it did and assumed so would the CX-70. So here I am on a Forum about the CX-70, where I hope to give and receive info on all things CX-70
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Hi @britinoregon!
I've come to a similar conclusion about EV vs. plug-in. I mostly drive short distances around town and it seems wasteful to be hauling around a massive battery pack in a pure EV. Plus, the plug-in makes the occasional road trip a no-brainer, and probably still better for the planet than anything I've driven in the last 20 years.
The RAV4 Prime seems fantastic, but it also seems impossible to come by and kinda pricy for what's ultimately a RAV4, so I too am watching this space closely.
My hope is that the CX-70 looks a little more like the off-road-ready CX-50 than like the bling-y CX-60, but that's just a personal taste thing.
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My neighbors have a Rav4 Prime. Nice! They paid over MSRP, well into the $40000's to get it. My research says the CX-70 will be a wider CX-60. There are several UK sites on youtube giving reviews of the CX-60. I like has a lot of detail on the CX-60.
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