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Mazda CX-60 AutoExe Body Kit

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Japanese tuner AutoExe has revealed a new body kit they've made for the CX-60.

At the front, there is a prominent splitter with wings on each side. The profile remains largely untouched, with the exception of aerodynamic visors in the side windows. At the back is where the most tuning fun happens, with a large rear wing mounted on the stock spoiler, sporty extensions on the faux vents of the rear bumper, and a decorative diffuser with quad exhaust pipes. The aforementioned parts are compatible with all variants of the CX-60, including the ones coming with the S package from the factory.

The add-ons can be purchased as a complete kit, or individually. According to AutoExe’s website, prices are ¥90,200 ($667) for the splitter, ¥33,000 ($244) for the window visors, ¥90,200 ($667) for the rear wing, ¥82,500 ($610) for the diffuser, and ¥68,200 ($505) for the rear vent trim. The quad exhaust pipes are still under development, so pricing will be announced at a later date, followed by the upcoming mechanical modifications.

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