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Hello! Just ordered an Homura fully loaded as new Company Car. Have been driving PHEV since 2015. Currently another Company Car E-klass SW E300de and before a private Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The Outlander was best car for family I had so far. When i need to enjoy i jave other sporty "tools". E-klass diesel-electric has GREAT powertrain and nice aitonomous driving but quality and space is not standard E-klass. Have it since 2020 and first 2 years I visited dealer for SW problems at least 10 it is mature and new piece of plastic will arrive on the market for 20keur more than the Mazda.

Had 2 test drive on the CX. First time november for 2h i had so many SW faults that i moved away and explained the reasons to dealer who called me back in january for second 3 days run. It was almost perfect but the gearbox was already dying from 1st to 2nd gear. I pointed out togheater with a list of other minor 12 points to report to Mazda: most critical for me is boot opening too low and dirty rear camera (MB is always clean and perfect). Hope problems will be solved till december when car is to be delivered
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