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New member here from way upstate New York. After much research I believe the CX-70 will click all of the boxes for us (retired couple). It's also time to retire my wife's aging Volvo S60 and the size of the CX-70 looks like it may be the perfect size without the unneeded 3-row seating. Our other vehicle (mine) is a Toyota 4-runner that has never been in the shop for any repair so unlike the Volvo has given us incredible quality and dependability.
We've never owned a Mazda and since the nearest dealer is about 70 miles away I am hoping this doesn't present a problem with service etc.
I've been following all info regarding the upcoming CX-70 and 90 but what is a little disturbing is the complete lack of any info at all coming from Mazda on these two vehicles. The last bit of actual new info was back in April and we are now well into August so surprising there are no current updates. Everything on the internet are permutations of rehashed old news. At first all available info indicated that the CX-70 would be offered in North America ahead of the CX-90. Then someone gleaned a comment from Mazda's May balance sheet that indicates the CX-90 will come first before the end of 2022. Again, its very strange that no more updates are available from Mazda or even any spy shots of test vehicles. It could be that Mazda is having issues and will not be able to bring these two models to production for many, many months if not years. I'm hoping I'm wrong.
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