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We have had our CX-60 Homura since the end of October and have now done some 4500 mixed miles - around town, inter-urban and motorway. I thought now was a good time to review our ownership to date.

So, lets start with the negatives...
  • Suspension recall after a few weeks of ownership; all sorted on a two day visit to the dealer
  • Hard suspension which was bad enough to bounce the dog out of bed when you hit a pothole at more than 5mph; had the shock absorbers swapped and the ride is much improved. Perhaps still a bit stiff for me but the car does handle very well on windy roads.
  • Firmware; radio doesn't always initialise and, despite several attempts, this is still an issue.
  • Battery range; down to 25 miles over the winter (lights on, heating, aircon etc) but now up to 37 as the weather has improved (aircon only)
  • Groaning suspension; sorted by the dealership with a bit of lubricant on the suspension bushes when it was in for the firmware update

And the positives...
  • Very quick from off the start and I have great fun upsetting the local boy racers
  • Extremely comfortable to drive and I love the face recognition as both me and my wife drive the car
  • Lovely and quiet in EV but a nice engine note when the ICE is under load (see first point)
  • Load of space
  • The radar cruise control is a real boon for long distance driving and in heavy traffic
  • Pleasantly different - my local dealer here on the Fylde coast has only sold two!

I have been calculating fuel consumption since we took delivery and I'm getting 42mpg ICE only and 2.6m/kwh EV, not too bad for a car of this size over mixed road types.

On the whole I am really impressed and think this is by far the best and most reliable new car I have owned (including Ford, BMW, Land Rover, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Renault...).

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Having read through these various threads, it is clear that the early delivered CX60 models did have a few ‘bugs’. Reassuringly, my more recent Homura is behaving itself perfectly, and delivered with all the firmware updates mentioned (probably done at pre-delivery inspection). Mine is fine over potholes compared to the awful thump of the low profile tyres on my previous Mercedes E 350D that required three new tyres in three years due to pothole punctures. Early reviews are justified, but I reckon Mazda has probably ironed out the early glitches. I love it!
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