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Dodgy Genie Point Charger.

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According to my manual the car is limited to a 7.2kW charge rate, irrespective of the capacity of the charger plugged in.

I've used a public PodPoint charger rated at 22kW and it delivered over the time I was plugged in a rate of 6.8kW (although there was a small amount of time where I wasn't charging as I'd run out of credit, so all seems to agree with the manual)

However, I have used a Public Genie Point charger which billed me for just over 10kWh in the 58 minutes I was plugged in - >10 kW charge rate. Surely that can't be right.

I've had no response from Genie Point regarding my complaint, but if this is either systemic across their whole network, or even just the particular charger I was using lots of people are being and have been ripped off. For me it was only £2 or so overcharge, but that can add up pretty quickly.

I can't find a regulator or industry standards body to complain to and for £2 the small claims court seems a bit petulant.

Have others had any better experience with Genie Point?
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