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CX 60 - Should I buy??

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Hello all,
Just new to the forum.
I have recently put a deposit on a CX60 that is due in May 23.
I took a demo on test drive for 2 weekends for fuel economy checks, comfort and so on, and I was happy.

I came across this forum after I paid my deposit and after reading about the unfortunate problems you are having, I am thinking it might be a mistake. 🤦‍♂️

Could I get some advice on what to do in relation to cancelling the order, or could these problems be resolved before they leave the factory on the future builds.
Thanks in advance
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Just over 1 lt of fuel to charge back to 100%.
This is a really interesting experiment but I'm not sure I fully understand your testing correctly. This implies it would cost (in Ireland) about €3.50 (€1.75ish per litre) to complete 100km+ on EV only, if you charge the battery only using the ICE.

Based on this post by @Pavel with consumption from the network @ 27.13kw/100km and the price at an external charger at around 51c per KW/h it would cost €14 to complete the same distance. I know electricity has become very expensive right now, but even stepping back to when it was 0.3c per KW/h it would still mean a cost of more than double at €8

Am I missing something obvious, or making an error in my calculations?
Hi pixelmad,

I collected the demo (New with 400kms) from the dealer with 1 km on batt but bat not fully discharged. I filled it to the neck and drove it until the battery was full 100% on ICE. Took 137 km on flat enough terrain and normal driving, nothing mad. An odd burst.
Filled it to the neck again and it took 14.4 ltrs.

Drove on EV from Kildare to Dub and a bit of urban driving. Got 61 km. Same nothing mad. Temp was around 9 deg. Night time, dry, heating set 21deg. Fan on 2. Bare minimum consumables on.

When the battery showed 1 km on the dash I switched to normal mode. Next day drove it for another 137.4 kms just normal regeneration charge and filled it to the neck. It took 13.08 ltrs to fill it to the neck.

So the calculations are that it took just over 1 ltr of fuel more to charge the battery. (Inc regenerated charge)

Some say they would not switch on ICE, but I wanted to see what the cost in fuel difference was. If I drive on a long drive and my battery has depleted, by turning ICE on I would get a full battery and then switch to EV. If I got 137KM on ICE driving and 60 odd on EV. That’s nearly 200 kms for 14.4 ltrs. 63km to a gallon. Again brand new car. So will it stay the same.
Mazdas economy claim and 6 year warranty caught my attention along with the looks, tow capacity and so on. Perfect, I thought!

Now I don’t have a PHEV and it was the first contact I had with same.
So the guys on here are experiencing different economy figures and have had problems that I don’t like. I have been watching and reading all the posts to see what’s being fixed and how customers are being treated by Mazda and how they are tackling issues. I still haven’t cancelled the order. I have until the end of feb before they take my car for trading.

Sorry for the long blurb, don’t get much time to reply or participate.

The first demo was same on battery but I didn’t get to do the ICE test.
Thanks for all the additional insights. This effectively equates to 6.6l/100km without ever plugging the PHEV in, based on your driving which would be similar to my own I think. I'll be taking a demo out for a brief drive next Friday and if I like it I'll arrange to take it for longer. There does seem to be a lot of issues with the car, albeit from a vocal minority. I imagine. by the time yours (and possibly mine) is shipping it will have a lot of the issues addressed, particularly around the software. The one that concerns me most, and what I'll be focusing on on the test drive, is ride quality. I got rid of my X5 (E70) a couple of years ago specifically because of the "crashy" ride quality and I'll not be be buying a car the exhibits that type of behaviour again.
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