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CX 60 - Should I buy??

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Hello all,
Just new to the forum.
I have recently put a deposit on a CX60 that is due in May 23.
I took a demo on test drive for 2 weekends for fuel economy checks, comfort and so on, and I was happy.

I came across this forum after I paid my deposit and after reading about the unfortunate problems you are having, I am thinking it might be a mistake. 🤦‍♂️

Could I get some advice on what to do in relation to cancelling the order, or could these problems be resolved before they leave the factory on the future builds.
Thanks in advance
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Man, that’s quite the discrepancy from others on the forum. What sort of temperatures are you guys driving in? Mostly flat/uphill/downhill/mixed?

Also sounds like you guys are calculating at the pump. Does the car’s computer match at all or is it way off?
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