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CX 60 - Should I buy??

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Hello all,
Just new to the forum.
I have recently put a deposit on a CX60 that is due in May 23.
I took a demo on test drive for 2 weekends for fuel economy checks, comfort and so on, and I was happy.

I came across this forum after I paid my deposit and after reading about the unfortunate problems you are having, I am thinking it might be a mistake. 🤦‍♂️

Could I get some advice on what to do in relation to cancelling the order, or could these problems be resolved before they leave the factory on the future builds.
Thanks in advance
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Sadly, it's only you who can make that decision as you have to look at the common problems and see if you would be happy to accept them or not.

Some people are happy with their CX60's, some people are not, some people are on the fence hoping Mazda can fix the varying issues over time etc.

So I can only say that I personally regret the purchase. Its not a bad car by any means, it's rather nice in many ways, it's just not really finished - it certainly shouldn't be hailed as a premium vehicle in its current guise, and the sales literature is not honest about what to expect from it.

You know the common issues now, so only you can make up the call - think about it like this - if you get all the problems that have been listed on the forum, would you still be happy with it? If so, then buy it, if not, and you can find a reasonable alternative for the same money, then don't or think about the CX60 Diesel as this should eradicate all the transmission/drivetrain issues and poor mpg/range etc.
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Thanks guys for your advice,

I initially went to the dealer to look at the CX 5 Dsl as we pull a touring caravan in summer.
I fell in love with the CX 60 when I saw it next to the 5.
Towing capacity, fuel economy and looks.
I took one for a weekend from 1 dealer to see how the fuel economy and motor distance was ok. I did get 61 km on EV and 56 km to the gallon petrol. so I was happy with those figures. Were these figures the same for you when new?

Felt the problem with the rear suspension ok and the dealer said they have a fix for that.
I didn’t experience the Lane assist while on country roads. I took another 1 from the dealer I did the deal with to check the figures again, and they were roughly the same.
My main concern is the EV economy. My wife would be urban driving it mainly and we would be charging it evenings/night. But some of you guys have had bad mileage on EV. May that be down to on board electrical usage etc,? Have Mazda themselves said they are looking in the issue?

I rang the dealer today ref my concerns and he said the earlier builds had some problems but are being resolved as the come across them. (Might be sales talk.)
I would hope this is the case. But then it is a lot of money to spend and then be disappointed.
If you read through the problems thread, it addresses some of your questions.

Me personally, I get 20 miles to a full battery and have done since October in a mild climate, and around 24-32mpg on petrol after 3000 miles. Check your electricity costs per kwh as you may find, like many in the UK, that battery charging for the range given is more expensive than petrol, so ultimately useless on the financial side of things.

Also, make sure you reset the mpg info on the dash before a trip (hold down the Info button on the steering wheel). It does not read accurately when it is an accumulation figure. This is a mistake I made when I first got the car, and I only wondered why when I was visiting petrol stations more frequently than my previous vehicle, yet the mpg indicator was claiming I was getting more to the gallon.

I think many cars are all starting to go in to have some fixes applied now, mine included, so you'll see more information come out as and when this is completed.
When I picked the demo up I request the battery be discharged. I filled the tank to the neck and I drove it in charge mode. I set the battery to 100%. It took 137kms to fully charge it and I filled it again and it took 14.4 lt. I then drove on EV and got 61km. Then drove on petrol of another 137km and it took 13.1 lt to the neck. Just over 1 lt of fuel to charge back to 100% But as I said this is the main concern for me and I have to listen to what you have to say on this. I will call into the dealer and discuss it in detail. thanks a million.
I haven't got the boredom factor to do the conversions to miles :) but I take it that it's good? Then don't worry about it. If your roads, driving style, climate, allow the car to be satisfactory to your range expectations, then don't let other peoples experiences put you off.

If you've matched the experience on 2 different vehicles then I think you should be all set!

The ICE battery charging button for me and others is a pass into BP and Shells high rollers club :)
The main problem with in-car noise, is they have not insulated the firewall at all and the metal they have used there is cheap and thin. You get a lot of the noise and cheap feeling vibrations from the driveshaft through the pedal box and footwells. Its the same on the CX30 loan car I have but more pronounced.

This is why the Recharging generator causes terrible vibrations and 2/stroke noises - bad insulation and engine harmonic balancing that isn't compensating for the sound band being created.

If I keep the vehicle, I may look at adding some sound proofing like Dynamat down there to try and block some of this. I've never had this before on any vehicle (VW, Subaru, Audi, Alfa Romeo) so it does show some poor build in that area.
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Is it poor build or an attempt to keep weight down?
Poor build as the weight increase would be minimal. You'\re not talking about an F1 car here, its a 2tonne suv with 200kg of batteries, a few hundred grammes of a thicker sheet steel or sound insulation is barely negligible in the grand scheme of things...and considering they are now fitting more sound proofing to the doors as a service bulletin negates that argument in my opinion.

Plus engine harmonic balancing goes on anyway. No weight saving there.

The CX30 suffers the same plight, thats not a car concerned with weight.
I love the stories of the Holy Grail cars, I just haven't managed to go in one yet :)
LOl.......YEP...Holy grail is maybe the Bentley.....I bet that gets its critics too....
I have no interest in Bentley.

I'm looking for one of these Holy Grail CX60 cars with no issues, a few people have mentioned they have one, I've driven 12 so far, all had them in various ways, and even some dealers are not recommending them to customers at present due to these common issues.

Theres a reason why there are currently 200 CX60s for sale on Autotrader. Considering its been out for less than a year and the PX valuation on mine has dropped £4K in a month, one has to wonder why..

I hope that these Holy Grail cars get offered to Mazda to see what's different that's for sure.
Is the firewall the one between the engine and the cabin?
It is yes, the engine bay and the cabin, so it covers the lower sections where the driveshafts are (in a typical car). It may also be including the generator on the CX60 from looking at the technical layout diagram.

The engine sits very far back in the CX60 and is longitude mounted, so the firewall will have a different more complicated design than a horizontally mounted engine.
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Well the brand is known for reliability together with the Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura. If you plan to have the car for more that 5 years having a Q5, MB or BMW would make me very uncomfortable. Let's hope the CX-60 is not an outlier in the Mazda line up.
I have no concerns over reliability, Mazda are one of the best for that...BMW's these days break as soon as your breathe on them!
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Hi all,

Im new to the forum so firstly hello to all.

I’m about to take delivery of a new CX60, it is awaiting my collection as we speak.

I have agreed the purchase in principal over the phone, and given my retention certificate number of my private plate, but left no deposit as yet.

I am a little worried after reading about all of the issues, and I’m now a little reluctant to part with 50k.

I was stuck between the Mazda and Lexus 450+ but went for the Mazda as it was 10k cheaper.
The one I have agreed to buy, is straight out of the showroom so I’m unsure how long its been sat there or if its had any of the issues fixed, such as suspension and updates etc.
most likely not, I suspect.

Have I done the right thing ? Or should I walk away now?
Is there anything that I should look for in particular before parting with the cash?
any advice will be very much appreciated

Thanks everyone.

I’ll be holding out on collection for a while.
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Thanks Southeastern. I think I might leave the 50k in my bank and cancel.
I’ve no idea where I stand on my private plate though if they’ve registered the vehicle and put the plates on.
I think you'll just be hit with the transfer costs, but if they have already registered the car in your car with the DVLA and put an owner on it, then they will probably be after you to recover losses.

It's worth looking on Autotrader at the moment, as the prices of the CX60 has dropped immensely this month, there are fully specced Homura and I think some Takumi vehicles dropping below £45k. I was a bit shocked tbh when I started getting PX valuations - one dealer basically said there are too many for sale, and they all have problems, so we can't offer good rates. One dealer (not Mazda) even refused to take it as PX at any price!

So I think Ill be stuck with mine for at least three years, I hope some of the issues have been solved as its been in the dealership all of this week being looked at.
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You’re right on the order front m0t.
Lexus would be Sept delivery on a new one, or approved used can be picked up easily enough.
However used are still 10k above the price of a brand new CX60 which is why we originally went with the Mazda.

I‘m really unsure what to do.

Ive spoken with the dealer this a morning to voice my concerns. He says that even though it’s coming literally straight out of his showroom, it’s only been there on show for 3 weeks.
He went on to say the roll bar torque settings have been done yesterday during prep, the software was also updated, and the suspension issues shouldn’t be a problem as it isn’t one of the ones that where affected.

I know all new cars have teething problems that are usually rectified under warranty, but when parting with 50k up front I’d need reassurances.

I honestly don't know wether I should risk it, or walk away and pay the charges / costs and buy a used Lexus.

problem is, we need something pretty quick, as my wife has had spinal surgery, and needs something urgently.
I think you definitely need to take your wife out in that car before committing, it is a FIRM ride - it dosent have premium SUV suspension - no air ride, no twin gate shock absorbers - just basic, firm struts, and if she has has spinal surgery it really might be too much for her, it certainly was for me on any journey over an hour, felt like I had done a round with Rocky Balboa.

My car was a September car and needed the suspension changing to the softer one. If the car needed the rollbar recall, then it certainly will have the first 'edition' suspension, so he is BS'ing you on that for one.
One thing is for sure, the CX60 in Homura/Takumi guise is better looking than that Lexus...
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We have decided to give it a go and bite the bullet so to speak. I have just driven back from the the dealer then back again as I forgot some documents, then home again.
Driven 18 miles in EV mode only from just under three quarters of charge and had 5 miles left when I got home.

This was with the radio on, charging phone and CarPlay running along with heater on. I’m not sure if any of these affect the PHEV side of things, but its currently 0 degrees C here, so I guess reading other posts, sort of what I expected.

The drive was nice, but coming down the country lanes, it seemed to be a bit “wallowy” front to rear wise if that makes sense, sort of rocking forwards and backwards over the bigger peaks and troughs, if you know what I mean. Not harsh at all and definitely no body roll.
I don't know if I was imagining it / half expecting it, if it was just the country lanes or if its normal and just me.

to be fair, the dealer has been really good from start to finish and says any problems at all or if I need to know anything that I forgot during the hand over, just call straight in, no appointment needed.

The wife seems really happy, so only time will tell I suppose.

The only other issue I have is with the my Mazda app. It wouldnt let me agree to any of the terms on my galaxy S22 ultra phone for some reason, but was fine on my wife’s apple.
So no connection with my phone.
Check the tyre pressures..the softer suspension , as I have now found, is a much more cushion like ride, but I wouldn't call it wallowy, so could just be tyres.
I do have to agree with that. Ours is in the soul Red and does look stunning with the Homura black bits and wheels rather than chrome
Just remember to change the horrible chrome wheel bolts to black ones!
Ive not even noticed wha colour the nuts are to be honest, but thats a good shout. Possibly amazon or eBay I recon.
Annoyingly Mazda offer Black nuts, but only in Japan.

I bought some TRS ones, I've used TRS stuff in many cars and never had an issue

Very heavy duty, wont have any safety issues with them thats for sure.
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My wife and I are going to spend Saturday morning setting everything up correctly and to our liking before heading out for the weekend in the Yorkshire Dales.
Hopefully this will give me a better idea of everything with a good mixture of roads and conditions.

I wasn’t aware either, that there’s a button for maximum regeneration while driving either. I thought it could only be done in sports mode, so thats a bonus.
I thought i had to put it in sports mode on the motorway to keep the battery in shape, but not so apparently. Simply push the button underneath the my drive switch and it regenerates faster… allegedly..

I’ll let you know how we get on.
You better have shares in BP if you use that button ;)

the car does its own recharge function when battery hits 30% anyway, you'll notice the vibrations and noises like a 2stroke engine in the car.

Id be interested to see what mpg you get once the battery is empty, so after 25 miles or so, if you hold down the Info button on the wheel it will then log your mpg more accurately on the dash display
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For info: some actual real world figures based on 2676 miles from new. In UK so fairly cold in the last month.
Used 722 Kw and 39 UK Galls. Average 1.7 miles/Kw and (by calculation therefore) 1450 of Petrol for an average of 37 mpg (UK Gals). Roughly what my CX 5 auto was getting. At my energy rate and only charging at home this means I have got 55mpg equivalent of pure petrol.

I NEVER use the in car recharge button, it seems pointless(unless someone can prove that using petrol to charge a battery and using battery to drive the car is more efficient than just going direct) and the car does not recharge itself apart from normal decelleration regen.
Its really interesting this auto-recharge function, as I know my car does it randomly when it gets below 25/530% battery to bring it up over the 30% mark (but sometimes it dosent!) as the 2/stroke recharge vibrations start, but you say you've never had the auto recharge function kick in, I wish I could stop mine and I wonder what settings you have somewhere that maybe is preventing it from kicking in?

I definitely agree that the button recharging function on a whole is false economy and makes little sense.
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On stuff like that, I know I am on factory settings (part of the tech guy trying to help me kill lane assist) Never touched charge settings (or schedule come to that). Next time it happens note time and date and ask techy to look at diagnostic on board data.
Today on a 75mile trip in the Derbyshire hills I did note the ICE kicked in very early a couple of time when I still had loads of battery. May be the cold today or I pressed the throttle a tad hard (wearing hiking boots) otherwise battery dropped per normal to 25% and then ran in hybrid for rest of the day. At home battery was about 10% (1mile). If I do a city run or low speed, it will run to almost 0% before it switches over. I have never used the pure EV setting in Mi Drive so don't know how that works.
Gearbox caught out a couple of times on the hills (incline level appears to be a factor built in. Gets mildly confused as you come across the top. Had fun playing with the paddles but think I'll leave them alone, 8 gears is too much for an oldy lke me.
I definitely didn't see similar today. Finished off the battery to 30% in a couple of miles from yesterday, then it went into ICE, and then fluctuated back and forth from ICE to EV (when it went slightly over the 30%), then the recharge came on, pushed it above 30%, then after EV mode, it dropped below, now the battery is down to 25%. Its so bizarre!

Yeah I gave up using the paddles , eight gears is far too much for me these days! Plus it dosent give you a proper display of gear selection so it can get confusing as its not the easiest car to figure out what gear you're in from sense and feel.

How are you finding the new suspension? I thought it was better yesterday but I have found now after using it more its definitely seems more 'crashy' and noisy, shakey. It has a similar feeling to when you lower a car and the struts are mismatched with the spring length. I am hoping it settles down after a few more miles.
Loving it! Still firm and obviously with a long wheelbase and 20" wheels you are always going to get some bounce on our roads. To me it no longer throws me off line if I hit a bump in a corner, stuff in the boot doesn't get thrown up every few seconds. I have more confidence that the car will do what I expect. Almost like my CX5 in that respect. But the real clincher is my Grandson telling me to go faster rather than he feels sick (School run today). I haven't noticed any untoward noises even when I hit a speed bump that wasn't there yesterday
Sounds good..I am hoping mine just needs some settling in, I havent really done many miles since yesterday so I'll review it in a week or so. The bounce is definitely less, but it just feels out of balance on the suspension for me and crashy. Glad your little one is loving it, its definitely a car to be rather badass in when arriving at school :)
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