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MME is conducting a RECALL on the CX-60's sold with Accessorised Alloy Wheels as they do not meet the manufacturers specification in regard to the 5 Wheel Nut SEATS or COLLARS (per wheel) which are between the Bolt-Nut and Alloy Wheel itself.

There is a possibility that the subject accessory alloy wheels does not meet the manufacturers specification.
Either or Both may apply
Defect 1): The collars may not be press-fitted in hub nut points, hence are missing.
Defect 2): The collars are not missing in the hub nut points but not properly seated.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Product Automotive design Tread

These are the 3 Wheel Designs as sold as an Accessory.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

18”,design 74, Chrome Shadow 18”, design 74A, Diamond Cut
KSR4-V3-810 (Part Number). KSR4-V3-810 -BL (Part Number).

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Wheel Automotive tire Tire Hubcap Alloy wheel

20”,design 75, Diamond Cut
KR9P-V3-810 -BL (Part Number).

1. Inspect the 5 hub nut areas of each accessory alloy wheel and confirm if all 5 collars wheel by wheel
are present and are properly seated into the hub nut/bolt area.

GOOD Wheel Nut with Good SEAT of the Collar.
Automotive tire Camera lens Flash photography Motor vehicle Camera accessory

NOT GOOD Wheel Nut SEAT of the Collar.
Automotive tire Camera lens Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Cameras & optics

1 Shows Gaps
2 Shows Surrounding surface of the wheel hub nut area.

Eye Human body Automotive tire Font Circle

GOOD Above:
Front side of accessory alloy wheel Collar. ~ Back side of accessory alloy wheel Collar.
1 Collar is present and properly seated hence closely flush with the hub nut area.

1. Press fitted collars are missing.

Front side of accessory alloy wheel. ~ Back side of accessory alloy wheel, No Collar.
Automotive tire Black Automotive lighting Automotive wheel system Rim

2. The collars are not missing in the hub nut points but not properly seated.
Product Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive tire Motor vehicle

There is a little more involved, however I need to retain some discretion as I do not want owners to Panic or Bombard their Mazda Dealer about this concern or this recall.
As this Recall is about a local (EU) Accessory acquired and made by another manufacturer it is good to see Mazda is on the front foot and always looks after its customers.

So what do you do, if you are mechanically minded you could have a look yourself but DO NOT Remove your wheels, however I suggest you wait for the registered mail to come to you informing you on what you should do.

Some of the outcomes will mean complete replacement of all wheels and some just an inspection and or new collars.

This Recall DOES NOT Apply to original wheels fitted to the car from Japan.


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Also please note this RECALL is Brand new (17th, March 2023) so many Dealers may not be aware.

Again please wait on the official Registered Letter which you will receive from Mazda EU/UK in due time with instruction on what you do next. Letter goes to the Original and Owner Registered with Mazda.
If you have sold or disposed of your Mazda CX-60 please inform Mazda Distribution so records can be updated.

Worth noting there has been zero accidents associated with these particular Wheel Accessories.

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Many thanks.

Does it mean that ALL of those are affected, or only SOME of those mentioned?

You write: "There is a little more involved," and "DO NOT Remove your wheels".
What if I get a flat tire :unsure:... a Catch-22?
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