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Well the all new CX-60 has been released in EU and UK and soon Australia etc.

As there is no sub forum or specific dedicated CX-60 Forum URL (IMO there should be as the CX-70 is not the same car) there have been a number of production issues on release with this model.

1) There was a stop sale related to the non production install @ Mazda Japan factory of a 20 AMP Safety Fuse in rear of trunk in related to cars main Battery in CX-60 PHEV, hopefully ALL should have been rectified before being sold to customers with the installation of a 20 AMP Fuse module.
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2) All Shock Absorbers front and rear and the Front and Rear Sway Bars were installed @ Mazda Factory with not ideal specifications resulting of a bumpy wallowing ride comfort on undulating roads, and on paved roads a hard feel inside cabin resulting in unstable ride, The fix is to renew all shocks and sway bars front and rear.

3) Cars Infotainment System (Mazda Connect) on initial production shipment (about 300 cars) had out of specification Firmware Version 12006 was installed and requires updating to correct CMU_7000C0A-EU07_14004.kwi firmware.
Again this should have been updated by the selling Mazda Dealer, however I have already been contacted by an owner in Europe where his Mazda Connect was not updated. I subsequently on his request supplied him with correct file 14004 with full update instructions (very easy), you WILL need a USB C Flash Drive preferably as small as you can get below 32GB. (do not use USB A to C Adapter).

To find out what version of Firmware for your Mazda Connect is in your CX-60 do the following..
1. Turn the ignition to ACC or to ON.
2. Select ”Settings” on the Home screen.
3. Select “System Setting”.
4. Select “System Information”.
5. Select “Version Information”.
6. See 'System Software'
Version Number like 12004 is revealed, it should be 14004 or higher, if it is lower than 14004 then you can update it.

Happy to help owners who need clarification, please privately message me in regard to Mazda Connect Update File as they can not be posted within any forum. Message me by clicking on my Avatar here and then Message or Start Conversation and click on that with your request.
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