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Colour coded key shell

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Not bad for £2.99
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There available on Aliexpress and the usual Chinese hotspots.


I bought one, it reduced the sensitivity of the key, car couldn't detect the key so
metimes and the doors wouldn't open every time with it in my pocket, all very sporadic, so I put my old one back on.

Mazda do sell their own ones but boy are they expensive.(all colours available)

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Ali express - thought I would take a punt to see what it was like - came from China in about 10 days - its not bad to be fair - better than what I thought it would be - the gen jlm ones are about 130
The Mazda prices are obscene!
Have you seen the price of Rhodium White and Soul Red Paint? Its no wonder Mazda only put a single layer of paint on their wouldn't surprise me if there are more layers of paint on the keyfobs than there is on the car (after just spending £600 on a tiny graze repair)

The chinese keyfobs obviously arent the same colour/paints as the originals, just 'close' matches.

Soul Red is always an interesting one - open the door and you'll notice the door shunts , under bonnet, boot etc are all not painted in the pearl, just a base colour. I think it's the same for all the premium Mazda colours but it just shows up the most on Soul Red. You'd really think on their 'premium' car they would paint it properly and not cheap out on those areas.
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