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There is a possibility that some CX-60 PHEV Owners see an 'Engine maintenance Mode' Message in the IC.
This normally ONLY applies to cars Before PDI (pre delivery inspection).

This message is all to do with cars computer monitoring cars fuel and its deterioration by it's consumption.
All fuels left for long periods degrade in quality standards. Your Mazda monitors the time between engine starts and car use.
To avoid using deteriorated fuel, if fuel consumption is less than specified amount at 6.25 L in 2.5 months since last refueling, the engine maintenance mode is activated. Until the specified amount of fuel is consumed, the message is shown in the instrument cluster and EV mode driving is prohibited.
This function is normal behavior of the vehicle to protect the engine if the customer does not use the engine for a long time period.
The engine maintenance mode on a new vehicle is activated when 2.5 months have passed since vehicle production.

Mazda has since changed the cars software and how the time period is calculated on newly produced models.

I want to stress this issue should not occur for those who use car regularly but it is worth remembering you may see this warning preventing EV driving if you store car for over 2.5 months and is not used.

If you are experiencing this IC Warning then your Mazda Dealer can update the cars ECU via MDARS.

Again this should not happen but if for whatever reason you are held up from using your car this following procedure should reset the Screen Message, this MUST be done precisely.

1. Turn Off Car, all Windows up and Lock Car, walk away with key fob over a distance of 8 metres or more for a period of 10 minutes or a little more.

2. Reset the maintenance mode by following procedure.
1) Without depressing the brake pedal, press the power switch twice to switch to ON position (without starting the hybrid system).
2) Within A minute, holding the accelerator pedal fully depressed to floor, depress and hold the brake pedal for 20 seconds.
Then release only the brake pedal for 10 seconds.
3) When reset is done, in the instrument cluster the wrench light will illuminate for 3 seconds.
4) After the wrench light turns off, turn off the power switch and wait for a minute.

3. Verify by starting the hybrid system and confirming there is no MIL illumination in IC or abnormal warning lights present in IC.

If for whatever reason you have ANY battery Tender in Use you MUST Disconnect prior to starting car engine.
- Do not start the engine with connected 12V battery charger because the power supply from the DCDC converter and the power supply from the 12V battery charger may interfere then warning light comes up and DTCs will be stored with set warning lights in IC.

Just want to repeat I only did this thread in the slim chance you are experiencing this issue, to help .

This information is from MME. (Mazda Europe)

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There's an easier fix to this, and that's to just drive your car. It's only the electric mode that is temporarily disabled to ensure the petrol engine runs. I had this on collection of my cx60 but had sorted itself out after about a 40 mile drive.
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